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  • - I Don`t Think about it
  • Darius Rucker - Don't Think I Don't Think About It
  • DJ RICH-ART,Ocean Drive feat. DJ Oriska-Without You - Trust me I swear I cant live Without You. Dont need to think about it (Perdue sans toi).My only love I promise you too (Je suis perdue sans toi)Dont need to check it out (Perdue sans toi)Trust me I swear I cant leave
  • Emily Osment - I Don't Think About It (Radio Disney)
  • Wild Strawberries - I Don't Want To Think About It
  • Whizzkids feat. Inusa Dawuda - Rumours (Digi Digi)- I don't care What the people think about u, I just want U to be my own! I love u so that's why advertise it, I'll do it all time till they recognize it, This our love is real romancing!
  • Simple Plan - Your Love Is a Lie...You can tell me that there is nobody else, but i feel it... And do you think about me, when he fuck you So, don't try to say you are sorry, it is too late...
  • Wild Strawberries - I Don't Want to Think About It Ost Foxfire 1996Ћќ∆Ќџ… ќ√ќЌ№
  • Starsailor - I don't know what love is But I think I had it See that poor girl With the glint in her eye She could turn you that way If you're willing to try Don't you worry about your friends and the time they're having They are on the outside and th
  • The Beatles - Girl Is there anybody going to listen to my story All about the girl who came to stay She's the kind of girl you want so much, it makes you sorry, Still you don't regret a single day. Ah, girl, girl, girl. When I think of all the times I'v
  • Darius Rucker - Don't Think I Don't Think About It
  • Keane - Everybody`s Changing.....You say you wonder your own land But when I think about it I don't see how you can You're aching, you're breaking And I can see the pain in your eyes Says everybody's changing And I don't know why.
  • I Don't Think About It - (мой эксперимент с синхронизацией музыки и фраз из детского ужастика)
  • The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up Is what I'm wearing seem to shock you Well, that's okay Cause what I'm thinking about you is not okay Got it on my mind to change my ways But I don't think I can be anything other than me I don't think I can be anything ot
  • Wild Strawberries (foxfire) - I Don't Want To Think About It
  • 09. 2013 Jessie J - I hate That I let you down And I feel so bad about it I guess karma comes back around Cause now I'm the one that's hurting yeah And I hate that I made you think That the trust we had is broken So don't tell me you can't forgive me Cau
  • - I Don't Think About It (The Haunting Hour Don't Think About It OST)
  • Emily Osment - I don't think about it (саундтрек из фильма –. —тайна, "«ло не думай об этом")
  • .. - Give me room now, Im like a vampire on a full moon now And i dont know about you now but I think I wanna try some new now See what it do now And when you sat down, ah, cause you was using your breathe now, ah...